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Elevate Your Headbands

At Suddora, you can purchase premium headbands in a wide selection of styles. We offer old school thick terrycloth headbands and newer options like our tie back or tapered headband. 

Suddora headbands are great for both athletics and leisure. They are made to handle countless beads of sweat and make you look cool as ice. 

Sports Headbands for Athletes and Fans

Any athlete will tell you that vision and hand-eye coordination are critical in sports. You can’t put a price on these basic skills that are essential to your game. It doesn’t matter if you play basketball, football, tennis, or volleyball; you need your eyes to be effective. This is one of the main reasons why sports teams love using Suddora’s premium headbands while they’re playing. They keep the sweat out of your eyes and face. 

All of the products you see here offer unrivaled comfort, support, and functionality as they are crafted to help sports performers and gym-goers reach their peak performance levels every time they work out. 

Stylish Options for Everyday Use

When designing our headbands, we created them so you could use them the way many people use a headband - to keep your hair back. Then we thought - why not add some fun colors and patterns in the mix! This led to the great partnerships and designs you see on this page. 

A Suddora headband can make a great addition to your T-Shirt to complete the look. Many of our customers wear them during holidays such as New Years, Independence Day, Halloween, and Christmas. Our headbands take whatever you are celebrating to the next level!

Make it Yours

Part of a group or league? Have an event coming up? We also allow you to customize Suddora headbands. Each year we help thousands of organizations sell their merch or create their vision for what should be on a headband.