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Are you looking for a good reason to take up running? Hesitate no longer, read on and discover not one but five great ways that running can change your life. Fitness The most obvious way that running can change your life is by improving your fitness and health. Burning between 186 and 340 calories every twenty minutes, running can aid weight-loss and reduce the risk of illnesses connected with carrying excess body-weight. Running on a regular basis will also tone muscles, reduce blood pressure and strengthen the respiratory system, as well as building stamina and heightening energy levels These combined...

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Tired? Tense? You aren’t alone. Stress related illness is a growing problem and more and more of us are succumbing to the strains of modern living. While the progression of communication technology has its advantages, the constant pressure of 24/7 connection to the world can become a source of health complaints including insomnia, depression and fatigue. One solution that many people are turning to in an effort to find blissful relaxation is yoga. What is Yoga? The origins of yoga are lost somewhere in the mists of time and nobody knows who was the first yoga master or where they...

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