Quality Full Body Workouts

Quality Full Body Workouts

This post is for all gym goers who only focus they're workout on upper body. How man guys do you see with buff body's and pencil legs, girls too? My dad calls em chicken legs. I just described half of the people I know!

You have to work out your entire body and you must give your muscles time to relax between workouts to all muscle growth. Monday if you do upper body and arms do legs and back the next day to give  your arms and upper body time to grow, your muscles need a break too. You do sleep after a long day at the office don't you?

If your continuously working the same parts everyday you will get minimum results cause your working them too much. Work your entire body, if your serious about working out and you do it faithfully and daily or weekly then you know there is enough time in the month to develop your entire body right! You'll appreciate the look and the results as much as your significant other will! 

You can do easy workouts at the most opportune times. I do squats while I brush my teeth. Sit ups when my daughters take over the living room and I have to watch Cartoon Network all day. Push ups while I'm waiting for the meat to finish cooking. It all helps trust me, try it. You just have to remember not to neglect the rest of your body. If you don't want arms that look like a peanut stuck in a spaghetti string work your arms hard but work your legs just as hard. And why have nice arms  if your belly sticks out so far you have to keep on a shirt to hide it when you go to the beach. Or a guy with man boobs or a chest that looks like a caved in wall!

I like to work arms with chest and abs, the next day back and legs. When you have kids you have to take advantage of every second you get to work out. So push ups when your helping with homework. It all helps.

Everyone appreciates a well proportioned body!


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