Tips for Weightlifting!

Tips for Weightlifting!

How many of us are out there  and looking to get ready for the pool this summer? Hitting the gym hard to get in shape and look amazing for the beach, or to be able to go out with that tiny tank top on or dress and not have those embarrassing rolls or dents. Are you one of those guys who takes the trash out without a shirt on and then sucks in his stomach when your cute neighbor walks by?


If any of this sounds familiar and your looking to hit the gym do it! Being fit and healthy is the best feeling out there. It feels even better when others know you look good and compliment you on it. I advise anyone who's looking to get in shape or is already in shape to take a look at these tips for weight lifting to read this, it can help especially for rookie lifters!


  • Have a workout plan, don't just grab the biggest weights you see and lift til your arms are tired. Have a specific routine in place before you start and stick to it.

Always warm up with some cardio and stretching, but do cardio first. You should never stretch a cold muscle!This increases your body's core temperature reducing the possibility of injury during workouts

  • Unless the palms of your hands are like Fred Flinstones feet that could jumpstart a Volkswagen use gloves when you work out, blisters suck and are very uncomfortable. Workout gloves make a huge difference and gives you extra grip. Slippery hands on weight bars are a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Be sure your body is balanced when lifting, slouching or working one side of your body more is a bad workout. It can lead to injuries and your cheating yourself out of getting maximum benefit from your workouts.

Don't hold your breath when your lifting, if you can't breath normally while performing an exercise you probably shouldn't be doing it... Holding your breath to squeeze out that last rep is dangerous and it raises your blood pressure and its been proven to lead to nose bleeds, brain hemorrhages as well as strokes! Breath in sync, exhale as you push the bar up and inhale as you bring it down.

Rest between sets, if your doing higher reps you should take shorter rests between than when you do shorter reps. This sounds backwards but remember its all about energy, add this to your plan. The more reps your body does with lighter weight the faster you'll recover while the heavier weight lifted will take longer to recover. For instance  12- 15 reps at 40 lbs. per set you should rest for 45- 60 seconds and doing fewer  1-5 reps at 80 lbs 2-5 minutes each set. The more you do at lighter weights the faster your body will bounce back . Make sense?


  • After you finish your workout be sure to eat, refuel. Take in healthy carbs, protein don't head to McDonalds or BK
  • Log your weight and workouts after your finish, its the best way to gauge your progress



Chris Brown & Tony Barajas



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