Bad year for Chicago Sports

Bad year for Chicago Sports

Well like my Grandpa says every year with the Cubbies, we’ll get em next year. Been hearing that since I’ve been born and now its looking bleak for all Sports in Chicago. Cubs had another horrible year as usual, The Bears started with a lot of promise but injuries plagued the team and that’s not looking good for them. And to topple the deck Derrick Rose goes down for the season crushing the Bulls and pretty much all of Chicago’s hopes, and dreams for Championship gold. Can it get any worst? Wait til next year right?

But its not over til its over right? If the Bears can pick it up and get the defense clicking to go along with what Josh McCown’s doing they have a chance. I honestly like the Bears chances with McCown over Cutler. As for the Bulls, if someone can step up and “shoot the J” maybe things can work out, they still have a great defense and a decent core. Still early in the season to give up hope. Where is Nate Robinson when you need em…? I’d almost push to drag Pippen and Jordan out of retirement at this point. Maybe the Cubs I’ll spend some money and get some big names back at Wrigley again. If you build it we will come!

On a bright note if anyone watches Hockey the Blackhawks are lookin great as usual! 17-4 at this point…

But there is still hope, where do you weigh in on this one?


Chris B.

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