- When Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

When Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

About Breast Cancer Studies reveal that breast cancer is the second most common kind of cancer in women around the world apart from skin cancer. In the US, 1 in 8 women born today have a higher chance of getting breast cancer at some point in their adult life. According to the American Cancer Society, the good news is that millions of women are able to beat this dreadful condition thanks to early detection and improvements in treatment. The Preventative...

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 - Why Do Tennis Players Wear Wristbands?

Why Do Tennis Players Wear Wristbands?

Fred Perry, a tennis and sportswear legend invented the tennis sweatbands which became an instant hit. The sweatbands for tennis became widely used in sports’ events especially tennis and its purpose was to absorb sweat. Since its inception, sport personalities have been wearing them in tennis matches and it is common to find great tennis players like the William sisters with a pair. Tennis matches are known to require intense activity that span hours. When you factor in the sun...

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 - How to Wear a Sweatband

How to Wear a Sweatband

Sweatbands usually come in two different forms: headbands and wristbands. There are all sorts of different kinds of technology that can be used to soak up and prevent sweat. Out of all of these developments in managing sweat, none seem to be as effective as a terry cloth sweatband. The thick and comfortable cotton in Suddora sports headbands and wristbands simply absorb sweat better than any other options on the market. On The Head: Keep Your Eyes Open If you...

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 - Introducing Suddora Football Towels!

Introducing Suddora Football Towels!

Today, we are happy to announce the newest member of our product family. Suddora Football Towels. The football towels are now available in white, black and pink. We plan to have more colors in the future!  The pink football towels will be a great addition to our breast cancer awareness sweatbands. They are made with the same visible pink that the professionals use that will catch your eye whether you are in the stands or on TV.  The Material These...

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 - Preparing your Football Team for October

Preparing your Football Team for October

Breast Cancer Awareness month is quickly approaching, which means that is almost time for your football team to courageously march onto the field with very visible pink accessories to show their support! It doesn't matter if the team is junior league, high school, college or professional - you can be sure this October, pink will be the color of choice for all sports teams. And boy, do we got your covered in this area! We have pink mouth guards, pink sweatbands, pink...

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 - Quality Full Body Workouts

Quality Full Body Workouts

This post is for all gym goers who only focus they're workout on upper body. How man guys do you see with buff body's and pencil legs, girls too? My dad calls em chicken legs. I just described half of the people I know! You have to work out your entire body and you must give your muscles time to relax between workouts to all muscle growth. Monday if you do upper body and arms do legs and back the...

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 - Tips for Weightlifting!

Tips for Weightlifting!

How many of us are out there  and looking to get ready for the pool this summer? Hitting the gym hard to get in shape and look amazing for the beach, or to be able to go out with that tiny tank top on or dress and not have those embarrassing rolls or dents. Are you one of those guys who takes the trash out without a shirt on and then sucks in his stomach when your cute neighbor walks...

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 - The Benefits of wearing Athletic Accessories in Workouts and Playing Sports

The Benefits of wearing Athletic Accessories in Workouts and Playing Sports

We see it at the gyms and all over television throughout time... From John Mcenroe       in the 70's, to Michael Jordan in the 80's and 90's, to the Williams sisters today         along with gym goers all over the world we see them do what? Accessorize, wearing small things like headbands, armbands, wristbands and other accessories during play and workouts. For most who do its a fashion statement. I remember I was a kid watching the...

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 - Running In The Rain

Running In The Rain

I remember running High School track and Cross Country and it was raining one day and Chief made us get out there and run in the rain.He told us it would be good for us. I thought the old man was crazy... So about a week ago I gave Chief a call and asked him what was so good about running in the rain. Its been bugging me for almost 20 years, I had to know. He made some great...

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 - Techniques To Improve Running And Walking Habits

Techniques To Improve Running And Walking Habits

I was a High School Sophomore when I decided to try out for the Cross Country Team back home in small town Indiana when I learned how out of whack my walking and running was. My Coach, (I couldn't tell you his name we only called him Chief) helped change my outlook on fitness. I never payed attention to the way I ran, I naturally had great speed but I learned a lot more that year, I learned endurance and...

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