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Basketball Sweatbands & Headbands

During play, basketball is a fast and strategic game. This is why many pro\'s wear a headband and wrist sweatbands to eliminate the distraction any sweat may cause. On the surface it may seem like sweat would be a small issue - but that is far from true.


Many professional players have to deal with slip-ups and hideous looking shots because of sweat. When watching a pro game, it\'s easy to point out these errors happen because of perspiration. The sweat itself is completely normal - given the body is working so hard. Basketball headbands help stop sweat in its tracks and help you prevent slip-ups that otherwise would have happened.


Basketball Headbands Available in Different Colors


Aside from the sweat issues that basketball sweat bands take care of, it\'s also good to match these bands with your uniform. In most cases a simple white will work, but we have over 9 colors just in case you need that special color headband for your basketball team. Visit our plain sweatbands and headbands page to see all the colors.


Having different colors can also be good for certain awareness events. If your team is having an event or taking donations for breast cancer - you could get the whole team to wear pink headbands and pink wrist sweatbands.


Need a custom order? Our sister site, Custom On It, works with many basketball leagues to help them customize sweatbands. The minimum order is 100 sweatbands per design / color - there are no set up fees and free shipping. It\'s an excellent deal if you are running a league or club in which you will need more than a few.


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